Introducing: A Dual Danish-Australian citizen

And again there is reason to celebrate: On the eve of my return to Australia, I have regained my birthright and am again a Danish citizen. Those of you who have followed my blog will know that I have longed for being recognised again as Danish, after losing my Danish citizenship when I became an […]

The curious case of the Danes

As the human population becomes increasingly mobile in a global world, more people will experience feeling home in two or more cultures or places. This can create a deep personal split, but can also be a source of immense strength. After my sabbatical year in Denmark, I am sure I belong as much in my native […]

Reflections on the gap

Normally, the gap year is reserved for the young, fresh out of high school, ready to conquer the world. But like youth, the gap year really is wasted on the young. For starters, at that age you have very limited means. This means you have to work a shitty job in a shitty café – […]

Bureaucracy and suffrage

Today is election day in Denmark. The Danes residing here will decide who should lead Denmark for the next four years. It is a great day for democracy, the day when people can exercise their democratic right to influence the society they wish to live in. A society better for people, better for the planet.

Suffrage and electioneering

It is election time here in Denmark. On 18 June 2015, Danish citizens residing in Denmark have the opportunity (the right, not the obligation) to vote for their favourite candidate for the National Parliament – Folketinget. The election was called on 27 May 2015 at 11am and just before 3pm when I left a seminar […]

Danish diversity

Since I have been back in Denmark I have noticed things about the Danes that I would probably not have had second thoughts about had I not lived half my life away from this small country. Some are great, like the love of the bicycle for transportation – which I simply took for granted during […]

Identity and stereotypes

After all this time of worrying and fretting, we suddenly hold the Open Sesame that lets us access the multitude of riches and offers of Club Denmark. While it took some waiting at International House, wondering if we were in the right place for the right purpose, suddenly we were registered in the Central Person […]

Immigration and bureaucracy

Travelling half-way around the world and shifting 10 time zones in 24 hours turns day into night and night into day, playing serious havoc with sleep patterns. But possibly what has kept me awake in the middle of the night is the long list of things we need to achieve as quickly as possible so […]

Go global Danmark!

Together with thousands of expats across the globe, I am celebrating that Denmark has moved one step further toward dual citizenship this week. I was born about 1000 years after my ancestor, Harald Bluetooth, raised Denmark’s birth certificate in Jelling. Jelling was my mother’s childhood home, and my parents had bought their first house in […]

Undivided loyalty?

Diogenes (404-323 BC) was a Cynic and even though he lived in a dog house, he called himself ‘citizen of the world’. In today’s increased mobility and connectivity, we can all be citizens of the world, virtually and actually. Except reality is that we are citizens of one country, maybe two, but always only one […]